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GreatApps is more than just Apps. We also research and develop our own innovative technologies.

TapForceTM (“Patent Pending ”): The hard-hitting new technology

Our unique TapForceTM technology allows touchscreen devices like the iPhone to sense how hard the user taps on the screen. Having gone through the research and development phases, this cutting-edge technology is now in production.

Why TapForceTM matters

Traditionally, most touchscreen devices do not have the capacity to sense the force of the user’s touch. They can sense where the user touched the screen, but not how hard. Without this information, applications that run on such devices have a limited way of handling user touch interaction. It just doesn’t “feel right” that a gentle tap has the exact same effect as a hard tap…

Introducing the solution

TapForceTM has been developed from the ground up to provide a completely intuitive way of interaction for users. It can detect more than a hundred different levels of force, and has an accuracy that has to be seen to be believed. And all this can now be done in software, no hardware modifications are necessary. Hundreds of millions of devices currently on the market can make use of the TapForceTM technology today.

A whole new range of games and apps has just been made possible.

Since seeing is believing, here are some demo videos of the first ever products to use our technology:

If you would like to use the TapForceTM technology in your products, please contact us.

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Use the force. Use TapForceTM


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